The family justice system exists to help families avoid disputes and to assist them in resolving disputes and issues, if they do arise.
Family law mainly involves two types of cases; Private and Public.

Private Law:
Private cases involve disputes between parents regarding their children for example, in divorces or separations, matters may focus on the child’s living arrangements and contact arrangements.
We can assist you in a range of issues including:
• Divorce and relationship breakdown
• Money and Property; the division of money, property and other assets when there is a breakdown in the relationship
• Child Custody and Support Agreements and Disputes; protecting your interests and your child’s interests when there are disputes between parents and advising you on your parental responsibility and rights.
Public Law:
Public cases refer to situations when the local authority is involved and take action to remove children from their parents’ care due to their safeguarding and wellbeing being at risk in some way.
• Care Proceedings; when the local authorities have become involved, we can assist by advising you through all stages of the legal process and also help you respond to protections orders

We understand that such cases are sensitive and daunting and as such, we take particular caution to ensure that you are supported throughout the course of the matter.

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