Our Employment team welcomes individuals across all industries. Whether you are an employer or employee, we are here to guide you and assist you in finding the right resolution for you when grievances arise at work. Our aim is to relieve the anxiety and stress in difficult employment situations.
We can provide Employment Law services and assistance in a range of areas including:
• Alleged discrimination including gender discrimination, racial discrimination and disability claims
• Bullying and harassment claims
• Support on disciplinary, grievance & workplace disputes/management such as instances of whistleblowing
• Termination of contract situations: Dismissals, Redundancy, Restrictive Covenants including unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal
• Negotiating settlements agreements e.g. Compromise Agreements
• Review & Drafting of contracts
• Strategy for best practice guidance

Employment Tribunals:

If you are having an issue with your employer and believe that you have been treated unlawfully, you can make a claim to an employment tribunal. Employment tribunals make decisions about employment dispute including cases of unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination.

Before making a claim, you must inform the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) of your intention to make a claim to the tribunal. ACAS aim to work with employers and employees to resolve disputes without the need to go to an Employment Tribunal; this is referred to as “early conciliation”. If this fails, you’ll receive an early conciliation certificate from ACAS which you can then use to make your claim to the tribunal.

If you wish to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal, we can;
• Advise you on the prospects of a successful claim;
• Represent you in ACAS early conciliation;
• Prepare your tribunal claim; and
• Represent you at tribunal hearings.

However, you must note that the time limit for bringing the claim to the employment tribunal is 3 months from the date on which the said event occurred and, you must have worked for at least one month before bringing the claim.

Therefore, it is very important that you act quickly and decide promptly what course of action you wish to take. Please feel free to contact us using any of the methods below to have an initial consultation with one of our Employment Law team.

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